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    Joey's Legacy Boxer Rescue 

On the day of adoption you will be required to agree to and sign the following adoption contract

  • The adopter agrees that signature of this contract indicates their acceptance of FULL legal responsibility for the dog adopted today. JLBR will not be held responsible for dogs that demonstrate any behavioural issues including, but not limited to, aggression, biting, separation anxiety, barking or any other issue after adoption although we should always be the first point of contact for any such issues which are noted or suspected as we may be able to advise owners as to the best course of action.
  • If your dog causes injury or damage to another dog, person or property, you will be fully responsible for any recourse, legal or otherwise, stemming from such incident and we therefore strongly suggest that you obtain appropriate insurance to protect against any potential future losses.

  1. You will be fully responsible for all future vet fee’s incurred. We highly recommend getting your rescue dog insured ASAP
  2. You must have a reputable behaviourist contact ready in case of any behavioural issues you may encounter with your adopted dog and you must contact them with any problems you need help with.
  3. Whilst we make every effort to provide comprehensive information regarding our dogs, we cannot guarantee the temperament of any dog we rehome. We can only base the information we provide on the assessments we undertake whilst the dog is in our care, and there is always a possibility for new issues to arise in the new home as the dog settles in. You must be willing to attempt to work through any problems that may arise before requesting to return the dog to us.
  4. If you can no longer keep the dog, it is a legal requirement that the dog be returned to us for rehoming. By signing this contract you confirm that you are aware that you are prevented by law from passing the dog onto another person, rescue or other organisation at any point whatsoever. You must also have the transport to bring the dog back into our care.
  5. We require a £250 adoption fee for all dogs aged 8 years and under, dogs over this age are adopted by donation only. This must be paid on the day of adoption. This is non-refundable after 7 days.
  6. If the dog appears ill or injured the new owner must take timely advice from a qualified veterinary surgeon in the first instance. If the dog passes away please inform us as soon as possible.
  7. All JLBR dogs are neutered/spayed to prevent breeding and there will be no exceptions. If the dog you adopt has not yet been neutered you must also sign our neutering agreement and adhere to all terms contained therein. In the very unlikely event of accidental pregnancy, JLBR retains full legal ownership of all puppies.
  8. A dog cage and/or baby gate must be purchased to ensure the dog can be safely separated from resident dogs as and when needed
  9. A dog cage and/or baby gate must be purchased for use at home in order to ensure the dog can be safely separated from resident dogs/children/visitors as and when needed.
  10. The dog(s) must NEVER be left unsupervised with children. You must use a crate or baby gate should you need to leave the room, advice as to how to acclimatise dogs to crates can be provided if required. Please see our accompanying information document and exercise appropriate judgement at all times to ensure the safety of both children and dogs when supervised.
  11. During the settling-in period (generally approx. 2 months but dependent on the individual dog), you must never leave the dog unsupervised with resident dogs. Please see our accompanying information document.
  12. Please do not let your dog off the lead in public at all for at least the first 4 weeks. When you are satisfied that you are at a point when it will be safe to let the dog off the lead, please make sure it is in a secure area to ensure the dog comes back when called. Never allow your dog to approach other dogs, whether on or off lead, without permission from the other dogs’ owner. Keep your dog on a lead until permission is given and supervise dog play appropriately at all times. Never leave your dog unsupervised in public at any time for any reason.
  13. If we have reason to believe that the dog is being mistreated in any way we will remove the dog from the home immediately and legal proceedings will follow. By signing this contract are agreeing to take responsibility for ensuring the dog's health and happiness for life and we will take all appropriate action to remedy any failure to meet those obligations.
  14. If you adopt a pup under 12 months old, you will be fully responsible for the cost of neutering once they are old enough.
  15. If you move house or change phone numbers you must inform us prior to the move.
  16. The dog must not be left alone routinely for more than approximately 4-6 hours. We understand there may be unavoidable emergency situations when dogs have to be left alone but this should only be in unavoidable circumstances. We refer you to clause 15 above in relation to your obligations to provide your dog with appropriate care.
  17. A dog must be treated as a member of the family and be given the same patience and time to settle in as you would with a new child. You must look into alternative help in case of a change in circumstances e.g. working longer hours, consider getting in a dog walker or asking a family member to pop in, or coming home at lunch to break up the day.
  18. The dog must never be made to sleep outside or left outside alone.
  19. Dogs are microchipped to new owners after adoption. Our email address must be added to the microchip as an extra point of contact for if the dog was to go missing.
  20. We do not allow the use of prong collars, electric shock collars and choke chains on any of our adopted dogs.
Contract Agreement
Whilst this contract serves to form the basis of our agreement with you as an adopter, we would point out that exceptional or unexpected circumstances may require further advice or instruction from a member of the Joey's Legacy board of trustees or approved representative. Where such circumstances apply, any further specific instructions in relation to your rescue dog, whether provided verbally or in writing, will for the purposes of legal liability be treated as if they were included and agreed to within this contract, and failure to adhere to such instructions will be treated as breach of contract.
We want your relationship with your rescue dog to be a long, happy, fulfilling and mutually beneficial relationship, but we must reiterate that adoption of a dog carries with it significant responsibility and you must ensure that you have satisfied yourself that you are in a position to accept that responsibility prior to signing this or any other associated agreement.