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    Joey's Legacy Boxer Rescue 

Would You Like To Become A Foster Carer?



Most of the dogs in our care are with foster parents, we find this is a much better environment for rescue dogs as many dogs do not show their true personalities in kennels, it is very difficult to get a true assessment of their personality and the type of home they will need, so foster homes are a vital part of our team and enormously important in the quest to find the right homes for our dogs. 

Fostering requires you to look after the dog as if it were your own, for as long as it takes to find a permanent home for it. This can be from 2 weeks to a month or more. Foster parents are expected to assess each dog for a minimum of 2 weeks to see what their temperament is like and what kind of home will suit the dog, plus also help with any training the dog may need to help them find a new forever home. We work as a team with our foster carers, this means being good communicators. Foster parents get lots of support and we are always there if you have any problems, no matter how big or small.

When a foster dog arrives in your care they must be booked in for a vet check asap.

Before any dog leaves for their new home, where possible/needed they must be: Neutered, Vaccinated, Micro Chipped (in our name), Wormed, De-flead and in good health, so we will require you to take the dog to your own vets for this, or if you are local to liverpool then you can use our vets in Walton or Old Swan.

ALL veterinary bills will be covered/reimbursed by us. Most foster homes are happy to pay for food themselves but if you struggle with costs we can also help with this, plus any toys, collars leads etc too.

Taking in a rescue dog is not an easy job, but if you are a true dog lover you will find it very rewarding to know that you have helped by offering a safe, comfortable haven after a very traumatic time. If you adopt a dog you can only actually help one or two dogs but if you foster you can help hundreds.

Each dog requires patience and calm, gentle handling for as long as it takes to gain his trust. They will not come with a "perfect behaviour" certificate, they have been uprooted from their home, so the first few days you will need to be around the dog all of the time to reassure then. You must be patient, never shout nor smack, gentle and loving if you really are to help. There are three basic rules to settling a dog in swiftly: regular exercise, regular routine, regular meals all accompanied by loving human companionship.

Before you are able to foster for us, you will first need to be homechecked by one of our representatives, the same as if you were adopting a dog from us. Alternatively, if you have fostered and been homechecked for other reputable rescues we will contact them for a reference instead.

If you have other dogs of your own we would require them to be neutered and vaccinated. Many of our dogs come to us un neutered and un vaccinated so we will not place any of our dogs in home with un neutered and un vaccinated dogs. 

Before a foster dog comes into your care, you MUST sign our foster carer agreement. Whilst the dog is in your care he/she will remain the legal property of Joey's Legacy Boxer Rescue. No dog may be rehomed without our permission, we do all of the rehoming procedures ourselves. If you find a family that are interested in adopting the dog then they MUST contact us first.


Once you are approved to foster, you will be required to sign the following foster contract when taking on any foster dog

  • The Foster carer agrees that the dog in their care, as named above, is the Legal property of Joey’s Legacy Boxer Rescue Liverpool and will remain so.

  • The foster home will provide their foster dog/pup with all the care and attention necessary to ensure its health and wellbeing. This will include providing sufficient food, water, exercise and veterinary care.

  • The foster understands that they are fostering the dog to form an assessment to find the type of home the dog will need.

  • The foster carer must book the dog in at their own vets (or our own vets in Liverpool if you are local) to have a health check and if needed, be vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, wormed and flea treated.

  • Foster Homes must not rehome any dog themselves, all dogs must be rehomed through JLBR ONLY. This means the rescue will inform you when a home is found and a day will be arranged for the new owners to come and meet/collect the dog.

  • No foster dog should be passed onto anyone else. If you can no longer keep the foster dog you must contact us immediately to return the dog.

  • You must promptly notify the rescue of any changes in address, and/or telephone number.

  • When handing over a dog to its new owner, the foster carer must ensure the adopter completes the adoption contract, initialling on each clause and signing at the end, they must also collect the £250 adoption fee from them (for dogs aged 8 and under) the adoption fee can be paid by cheque made payable to Joey’s Legacy Boxer Rescue, paypal: [email protected], or via bank transfer, sort 771714 acc no 23191660, if they pay by cash the foster carer must put this in our account asap using the details above.

  • The foster Home agree(s) to immediately surrender custody of the dog to a rescue representative upon demand.

  • If the foster home wishes to adopt the dog they take on, this must be discussed with the rescue ASAP and before a home is lined up for the dog.

  • A dog cage and/or baby gate must be purchased for use at home in order to ensure the dog can be safely separated from resident dogs/children/visitors as and when needed.

  • The dog(s) must NEVER be left unsupervised with children. You must use a crate or baby gate should you need to leave the room, advice as to how to acclimatise dogs to crates can be provided if required. Please see our accompanying information document and exercise appropriate judgement at all times to ensure the safety of both children and dogs when supervised.

  • If the rescue agrees to you adopting the dog, THE ADOPTION MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN 48 HOURS

  • If the dog has a family lined up to adopt him/her we will not allow the foster home to adopt as this can be very upsetting for families waiting.

  • All relevant procedures will take place if a foster home wishes to adopt their foster dog, (adoption contract to be signed and adoption fee is required).

  • Foster homes must not keep in contact with the previous owners of the foster dog. If an owner gets in contact they must be referred to us.

  • Foster homes must keep in contact with us regularly and provide updates and pictures of the foster dog.

  • If a foster dog needs to see the vet due to illness or injury you must contact us ASAP

Once you have read all of the info above and have decided that you want to become a foster carer, please complete the foster application by clicking the button below​