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    Joey's Legacy Boxer Rescue 

How Can You Help?

  • Hold A Fundraising Event
  • Hold A Sponsored Event
  • Share our Just Giving Page with friends
  • Collect Items we can use on our fundraising and tombola Stalls
  • Contact businesses to ask for donations of items/vouchers
  • Help out at our fundraising events

      For more info please email us

      [email protected]

Help us to help

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We are a charity dedicated to helping dogs in need. But as of yet we don't have our own premises! We rely on boarding kennels to board our dogs until they find homes which can be very expensive.

Having our own premises will be the making of the rescue. For the past 9 years we have managed to run the rescue on limited resources using boarding kennels and foster homes. The money we have paid out on paying for private boarding kennels would be greatly reduced and can be put into our dogs. It means we can be more hands on with the dogs on a daily basis, as when the dogs are in boarding kennels we can only see them between 9-5pm (unless an emergency) which also means that we are restricted to when we can do adoptions with new owners too.

We also struggle when it comes to our more difficult dogs. Although we have the help from a behaviourist, often to help a dog with issues this will require daily training, but we can't always do this at the boarding kennels which limits the training they desperately need, with our own place we can have a behaviourist in, as and when needed and we can give the dogs so much more of our time. 1-1 attention is also extremely limited, as the boarding kennels are a business we cannot be there all day every day, as the staff need to be getting on with their day to day jobs without us in the way. They also do not have the facilities to house dogs long term, the kennels for boarding dogs are different to rescue kennels, which provide dogs with more space and stimulation.

We are often having to turn down huge donations of food and bedding for the dogs, as the majority of this is provided at the boarding kennels at our own cost, we cannot accept a lot of it. Being able to accept these donations will reduce our costs dramatically.

Having our own premises also means that we can provide opportunities to more people too. Getting into the animal care industry is extremely difficult, coming from personal experience. So we hope to be able to offer as many people as we can, the chance of working with dogs too, we are always inundated with people offering voluntary help, cleaning kennels, feeding, walking dogs etc, but without our own premises we sadly can't offer them this.

Being closer and more hands on with our dogs, means more successful rehomings, less dogs being returned to rescue and also meaning the dogs get our full attention regardless of day or time.

Although we are primarily a boxer rescue, we do also try and help other bull breeds too as it's extremely upsetting to see a dog unwanted just because of the way it looks. So we want to be able to give those dogs a chance too.

We want to be able to offer as many dogs as possible a second chance at life, regardless of that dogs age, medical condition or temperament, we believe they all deserve a chance. The amount of homeless dogs is increasing each year, which is resulting in more and more dogs being put to sleep, simply because there is just nowhere for them to go, we want to be able to say yes to more dogs instead of having to say no which is one of the hardest things we ever have to do.

We will work as hard as we can to make this become a reality for our rescue dogs. This will be a MASSIVE help to us as a rescue and will triple the amount of dogs we can help!

This is going to be our biggest fundraiser to date with us trying to raise at least 250k and we desperately need ALL of our supporters to help us with this one! Please donate whatever you can afford and please share with friends

Donate Via Our Just Giving Page: CLICK HERE

or paypal: [email protected]

or bank transfer, sort: 771714, acc: 23800768