Joey's Legacy Boxer Rescue 

Registered Charity No: 1153964

Our Rehoming Policies & Procedures

Please note our rehoming policies are not always 'blanket rules' as each dog will require a specific type of home with or without certain needs. Feel free to contact us if you would like any of our policies explaining further.

Adoption Fee's

PLEASE NOTE OUR ADOPTION FEES ARE NOT OPTIONAL. We receive no funding apart from our adoption fee's and public donations, without these we would cease to exist . Adoption fee's go towards paying our vet bills and kennel bills for all dogs and general running of the rescue.

We ask for a minimum donation of £250 for all dogs aged 8 years and under
If you adopt a pair of bonded dogs, the adoption fee is £350

Dogs over 8 years old are by donation only.

Rehoming Policies

  • Prospective owners must be aged 21 or over
  • If you take on a younger dog who has not yet been neutered, you must sign our neutering agreement to have this done. 
  • We will only rehome to full time workers if there is someone able to go home to break up the day, (or a dog walker etc) as this is one of the main reasons that boxers are handed into us - a bored unhappy boxer will make his own fun out of your furniture! 
  • Our dogs are not rehomed with their KC pedigree paperwork. They are rehomed to pet homes only.
  • As a general rule, no dogs must be left alone in the home for more than 4-6 hours at one time.
  • We will consider homes with any age of children, we will only home dogs to homes with young children if they have a full history/experience of living with children and a good temperament around them.
  • You MUST travel to us to meet the dog - we do not 'deliver' dogs, as we want to see how the dog reacts to you, your children or other dogs and vice versa, there will be adoption paperwork to complete on the day too.
  • We will require you to bring any other dog owned by you for introduction to make sure the dogs get along, the same applies with children.
  • We do not rehome to homes who have un-neutered dogs, nor will we be connected to breeding. This policy is not flexible, there are many benefits to neutering your dog. Please see our neutering info page for more details on this policy: NEUTERING INFO
  • All members of the family/people in the home must be in agreement about getting a rescue boxer.
  • All homes with gardens must be fully secured. (please contact us for more info on this policy as each home differs and not everyone has their own garden, we will consider all home types garden or not)
  • We do not rehome to people who use dogs for hunting/guarding or keep dogs in kennels/runs or make them sleep outside during the night
  • You will not be invited to meet/adopt your chosen dog until you have been through the rehoming process and a successful homecheck has been carried out
  • We expect new owners to give the dog a reasonable amount of time to settle and adjust to their new life (at least 6 weeks)
  • If an incompatibility arises and you can no longer keep the dog, the dog MUST be returned to us for rehoming and must NOT be passed onto anyone else or any other rescue organisation.
  •  You must be prepared to pay our adoption fee of £250, for all dogs aged 8 years and under.
  • Our adoption contract must be signed on the day of adoption. PLEASE READ OUR ADOPTION CONTRACT TERMS AND CONDITIONS HERE
  • The decision of rehoming is made for the benefit of the dog in question and is at the discretion of JLBRL. We are unable to suggest or guarantee rehome approval until the home check is carried out.

Rehoming Procedures

We will look at each individual dog and each individual home prior to rehoming, to ensure each dog is homed to the right family for them. Once you have seen a dog you would like to adopt, you will first need to fill out our application to adopt form (this can be found on the 'Apply To Adopt' page), alternatively we can send you one out in the post or via email. Please give as many details as possible in this form. If there are no dogs in our care that you feel are suitable for you, you can complete the form to go on our waiting list for a suitable dog.

Providing the information you have given is ok we will then arrange a homecheck, were one of our representatives will visit you at your home to discuss your circumstances etc.

Our main concern is OUR DOGS, we are looking for loving forever homes for our rescue boxers, so this means many questions will be asked to ensure you are the right type of home for them. We ensure that all dogs are assessed before rehoming to get to know them and their temperaments/personalities. Each dog is an individual, some will be good with other dogs, some will have to be an only dog, some are good with small children some are not, these sorts of things are taken into consideration when finding the right dog for your family.

Once your homecheck has been completed, providing all is well you will then be invited to meet your chosen dog, sometimes the dog you are interested in may have already been reserved or have lots of interest and we will suggest other suitable dogs for you to meet too. Please note we do not have our own premises where you can view the dogs we have for rehoming, all of our dogs are either in foster homes across England, or they are in private boarding kennels. You will need to be able to travel to either the foster home or to the kennels to meet the dog.

We are a NONE PROFIT CHARITY and rely solely on donations from people adopting our dogs, we ask for an adoption fee which goes towards vet bills, kenneling fee's etc. We promote neutering and will castrate/spay all of our dogs, if a dog comes into our care he/she will be neutered, if for any reason the dog is not neutered when he/she comes to live with you, it will be stated in the adoption contract that this MUST be done. We do not rehome to people with entire dogs in the home, we will not in anyway be connected to, or condone breeding, whether deliberate or unintentional, entire dogs'/bitches have the ability to breed, and therefore, possibly create more dogs coming into rescue. Also newly spayed bitches can still be of interest to male dogs - especially un neutered ones, so if you already have an entire male this will cause problems. If an entire male dog can smell a bitch in season, he will most likely try and mate with the nearest bitch he can find, entire males can still tie with spayed females. By neutering your pets proves to us you are a responsible dog owner and have the dogs best interests at heart.

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