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    Joey's Legacy Boxer Rescue 





Our Sponsor Dogs

We currently have 4 dogs who are in our care long term:

OScar is a long termer at the boarding kennels we use, Hodor is in long term foster with the founder of the rescue and Mabel is also in a long term foster home. Read their stories below:

Oscar is our long term kennel dog, due to severe behavioural issues he can not be rehomed. Unlike most boxers, Oscar is very happy living in kennels and gets to spend his day in the office too, he has spent most of his life in boarding kennels before he came to us, so he is used to it and is very happy at the moment, he is an old boy now at 11 years old and is very set in his ways! His kennel bill is £210 a month, could you sponsor him for a couple of pounds a month?

Hodor AKA Falcon came to us from the stray pound, he is a Presa Canario. He is an old boy who is on long term medication for life as he is very arthritic, he is 11 years old now which is very old for a Presa, for this reason he is staying in long term foster enjoying his retirement at the home of the founder of our rescue.

Mabel is an 9 year old bulldog girl, she also came to us from the stray pound. poor Mabel has problems with her back legs and finds it difficult to walk, she came to us with lumps bumps, kennel cough, an ear infection and rotten teeth, she is also now in a long term foster home with one of our volunteers, meaning we will cover her vet care for the rest of her life.

Bindi is an 18 month old american bulldog cross, she was born in our care in march 2015 she was returned to us as she now suffers from fear aggression towards new people and has bitten her previous owner and family members (not severely, out of fear). We have now decided that she will not be available for rehoming for the time being, due to the severity of her fear aggression issues towards unknown people, sadly being in kennels has only made her issues worse. She needs so much work until she is going to be able to be safely rehomed. So we are thrilled that she has now been offered a place for some rehabilitation training with Joy at the birkett-smith animal sanctuary :) She will stay with us in kennels though until January 2017 as there is a waiting list (unsurprisingly as they do great work with rescue dogs). She will then stay at the Birkett-smith animal sanctuary for however long it takes to sort her issues. It is going to be a long and expensive process but she deserves it if it means she can go on to find a loving new home

To donate or sponsor any of our dogs just set up a standing order for whatever amount you wish, using the following details:

TSB Boxer Rescue

Sort Code: 771714

Acc No: 23191660

Once you have set one up please send us an email to [email protected] with your name and address so we can send you out a sponsor certificate

You can also make one off donations using the bank details above, or via paypal: [email protected]

We also have a wish list if you want to donate any food, toys etc to our long termers if you would prefer to donate something for them instead ALL of them are on joint supplements (Yumove) so we are always in need of more of this…/A…/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_ws_cOV9ub12RTSC6